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UX Research Gifting

The Easiest Way to Send UX Research Incentives.  In Minutes, Globally.

Leverage targeted incentives to do more in-depth UX research with higher quality participants. Gain valuable product insights, while cementing the bond between your brand and your users.

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Instant Gratitude & Gratification


Gift Cards For The Win

Although we offer physical gifts and custom swag, after you've wrapped long sessions of work, nothing has quite the same impact as perfectly timed thank you gifts delivered to their inboxes within minutes.

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Gift For Every Budget

Big Impact
No Matter The Budget

Rewards For Every Effort

You're not just asking for feedback, you're asking for precious time.
Be sure to let them know how much their efforts are appreciated with gift cards ranging from $5 -$500.

Mass Send In Minutes

Quickly and easily upload recipients and either send gifts right away or time them to automatically send at a later date.

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UX Research Done Right

A Universal Reward Link

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Gift in Any Currency

Participants all over the world? We offer gifts in over 40 currencies including EUR, CAD, GBP, AUD, INR, JPY, CNY.

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The Brands They Love

Our system automatically detects where gift recipients are located, and only sends them relevant brands that are available in their countries.

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Experience Personalized

Enhance brand perception and trust by offering timely, valuable rewards, showing participants their input is appreciated beyond just logos and colors.

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Product & Customer Transformations

From Users to Superfans

Good products are the ones people use. Great products are the ones people love and tell everyone in their circle about.

Use UX research and feedback to make your product indispensable, and user gifting to turn customers (and their circles) into life long superfans.

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Your Free Gifting Solution Awaits

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