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The Ultimate Gifting Experience

The Most Impactful Gifting Experience For Your Recipients

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One Size Does Not Fit All

Gift Cards, Transformed

We’ve reinvented gifting and receiving gift cards from a boring to fully personalized and exciting experience.

Not only does our solution take the guesswork out of gift giving by letting your recipients select what they want from thousands of options, but we've digitally packaged the gifts in a thoughtful and fully customizable way.

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A Global Gift Card Solution

Introducing the
‍Universal Link

Say goodbye to figuring out what local content is available in different countries and calculating exchange rates. Set a gift budget and watch as content and local currencies are automatically generated into a universal link, depending on where your recipients are located.

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Physical Gifts Done Right

Physical Gifts, Several Ways

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Reward Link
Send a carefully curated digital catalog of incredible physical gifts. Recipients use the reward links they've been gifted to shop physical gifts they love.
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Single Gift Selection
Browse amazing gifts and select the ones you want your recipients to choose from without displaying the value of their rewards.

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Custom Swag

Let Your Recipients Choose

Select items from an expansive catalog, upload your company’s logo, and let your recipients pick the stuff they'll actually use, wear, and enjoy.
We handle the rest.

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Swag For Your Teams & Clients

Don't know their size? No address? No problem.

They'll receive an email detailing the awesome swag they're about to receive. After they securely provide the missing information, we handle the shipping.

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Your Free Gifting Solution Awaits

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